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February 16-20, 2021

“All business starts with an idea!”

Transition from
Corporate to Consulting  Using the Knowledge and Experience
You Already Have

(Full or Part-time)

Explore our Full-Circle Service Approach to Building Your Consulting Business NOW!

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Why Attend the

Build Your Consulting Business NOW! Summit?

If you have dreamed of having your own business or leveling-up your existing business, this is THE summit for you!

The Build Your Consulting Business NOW! Summit
is specifically designed to empower experienced professionals to start their consulting business NOW using the professional experience, gifts, talents and abilities they already have, to gain more control over their time, their dollar and their destiny.


Get clarity on what transferrable skills you have to apply to a business NOW!

Get actionable steps to position your business for success NOW!

Get the resources, education and inspiration to confidently move forward NOW!


Certificate of Participation

By completing the "Super Starter", or "Level-Up" educational momentum tracks, you gain valuable knowledge, resources and connections to gain new customers, clients or funding for your  business. There's also the Women's Consulting Business Summit Track on Friday, 2/19 (specifically designed for the needs of the Female Entrepreneur).

Session Topics

LegalInsuranceBanking & FinanceRaising CapitalAsset ManagementMarketing &    PRReal Estate/Flipping/RentalsSocial MediaBusiness Development/Productivity
International Business Affairs, Exposure & OutreachPodcastingMilitaryTech
FranchisesGovernment Contracts Building Your BrandMindset AND  others that would make an entrepreneur say... "I did not realize I needed that, and I DO need that!"

Online Community

Our virtual summit is totally online and can be accessed through our own virtual app or your web browser. Engage directly with participants, speakers, and vendors, BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the live summit for up to SIX MONTHS!

Interactive Content

Tune in to our interactive sessions where you can ask questions of our "hot seat" guests who have started their own successful businesses and share their secret sauce for successs.


The Build Your Consulting Business NOW! Summit provides a comprehensive and full-circle approach to the business needs of professionals to be successful. Whether novice or veteran, the summit provides resources for continued professional development, networking opportunities and personal growth, as well as exposure to current, trending business and personal support resources.

Additional Activities

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NOTE: Registration is required for SPEAKERS and AMBASSADORS ONLY!

Are You a Corporatepreneur?

Corporatepreneurs: professionals who started their careers in traditional corporate environments and used their business acumen, natural gifts, talents & abilities to found companies of their own.

Common perception suggests entrepreneurs start their companies in their 20s. The reality is that successful entrepreneurs generally start their businesses later, once they have accumulated business experience, connections, and financial capital.

 Nearly half of the professional business owners are between the ages of 45 and 65 (48%)

Two thirds (67%) are 45 or older

The next largest age group of professional business owners is ages 25-44 (31%) 

African American business owners tend to be younger: four out of ten (39%) were millennials and younger.

Gen Xers (ages 35 to 54) represented the highest concentration of Latina business owners (53%).

Gen X also represented the highest concentration of Asian American business owners (54%).

Native American/Alaska Native business owners were more likely to be older, between the ages of 45 and 64 (47%).

Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander business owners were more evenly divided between age categories ranging from 25 to 54 (70%)

Baby boomers had the highest proportion of non-minority professional business owners.

Whether because they could not find a job, wanted meaningful work, or wanted to supplement their retirement savings, professionals in their 50s and 60s increasingly own businesses.

Get Tips, Techniques & Lessons Learned Case Studies to Be an Effective & Profitable Consultant

Use the gifts, talents and abilities you already have to consult in your area of expertise or passion, profession or hobby.

Register  below TODAY to get the best practices and globally recognized strategies of successful businesses worldwide. Applicable to all business types and all industries.

> How to Determine Your Consulting Area of Expertise or Passion

> How to Market Your Consulting Business

> How to Gain New Clients & Keep Them

> How to Systematically GROW Your Business with a Proven Methodology

> Ongoing Support & Much More!

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Here's what past students of the
Start Your Consulting Business NOW!
online course have to say...

Here's What Our Clients Say

about their experience with Jacqueline Grant and The Management Academy, LLC's courses, programs and offerings for corporate professionals and entrepreneurs 

Glenn Payne, MISM, SSGB

"This class was the icing on the cake for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I practiced what I learned & got a new client from it! I also decided to expand my PMP business with this new knowledge. 

Jacqueline's delivery throughout the class was perfect. She made sure that everyone could relate to the material and understood the topics discussed. It was very adaptive. I would highly recommend this class."



Linda Daly, MBA, PMP

"Jacqueline delivers above and beyond expectations. Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching and life-long learning are the key elements, which make her effective with her clients. Jacqueline has a proven method of success which she generously shares with her clients and students. She is dedicated to their success not just financially but emotionally and spiritually."

Mark Burnett, PMP

"Jacqueline is the consummate career and management-consulting coach, as she knows how to put everyone at ease the moment she enter her sessions. She is diligent getting to know her clients and gives helpful insights through her clarity sessions, helping you to perform beyond your capabilities and enhancing personal and professional growth."

Phil Waldock, PMP, CSM, PMI-ACP, SA

"Jacqueline is the consummate Mentor, challenging you to perform beyond your capabilities to enhance your personal and professional growth. She continually brings out the good in people and wants them to "shine" and bring forth their gifts to share with the world. As a true leader, I would recommend Jacqueline, without hesitation."


Empowering mid-career professionals to consult in the knowledge and experience they already have, to gain more control over their time, their dollar and their destiny!


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